Pastoral Message

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Around the Parish…

Summer seems to have simply flown past, this year! We have had our share of Baptisms, Weddings and sadly even funerals. We have had our facilities used as a retreat location for a major Catholic City high school with a grammar school to be completed this week.  WE can reflect that we have been relatively fortunate as we witness a second violent fire season to our North in our state.  It causes one to reflect.

On a personal note, I wish to thank all the modest people who have participated to date in addressing the landscaping maintenance needs of the parish. Your work is deeply appreciated – perhaps not by all, but by others, occluding me. Last week, we put out over 300 gallons of leaves and clippings. On the northern border of our parking lot we have made the shade/ bushes on our property line greener as we removed dead leaves and vines.

Thanks to the Windows Committee, who have been meeting and corresponding regularly these past months seeking to present the best priced windows solution to the parish to ask for both a decision and financial support. They have each been selfless in their rigorous efforts.

The Committees for both the Sausalito Art Festival and Saint Padre Pio Relics tour for our parish, (both occurring early next month), have also been working hard to plan and organize successful events. Thanks to all who have volunteered to staff these events. At last year’s Sausalito Art Festival, our parish food booth was the only one to sell out of product and return a net donation to the parish, as we were experiencing an intense heat wave last year at that time. This year’s parish contribution efforts have been headed by the “two Kates”, Kate Flavin and Katie Gray, (I am told that is how we distinguish them). What was impressive is that they asked for donations from some vendors and most responded positively! We either received gift cards, cash or reduced pricing and/or free services, helping the parish to lower the food costs for this year’s event. Way to Go!!

The St. Padre Pio relic tour began two years ago when the Archdiocese was first asked by parishioner John Dire to host the relics. The Archbishop asked us to wait a year, (to let the St. Pio Foundation learn about touring relics) and gave his assent to the idea instructing myself to approve promotion and conduct of the event in his stead. With the hard work of the Committee and of all who asset as volunteers, we are looking forward to a very successful event, where all leave edified for the experience. All are invited to join in and “adopt” this wonderful saint as your own intercessor.

It occurs to me that we can become the “Bread of Life” for others by getting active in our community and family homes. We, too, can become bread for others, just as prior generations of Catholics built our present Church facilities.                                                                                  Fr. Mike