Pastoral Message

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Thirty - Third Sunday in Ordinary Time 


Just When Do We Commence Our Relationship with God?...


The terrible fires raging throughout our state are awful and horrific. I was actually speaking with a resident from the town of Paradise, (I had called to see if he and his family were safe), as He was driving his family through walls of flame. His voice suggested the terror of that moment as he reported seeing people abandon cars in that fast-moving blaze to try and outrun the fire which was whipped by strong winds. Listening to the tone of my friend’s voice was quite simply alarming.

I later watched the news and subsequently snippets of information regarding people evacuating the town of Paradise. What communicated the urgency of the victims of this fire’s plight was the rather common praying to God to help them escape the flames. I do not blame them at all.  Later another acquaintance of mine was forced to evacuate his big home in southern California as the blazes in Ventura were being whipped by Santa Ana winds. That gentleman spoke of sleeping in his car in a field where he was forced to because of that blaze. He asked for prayers and appealed to “keep the prayers coming!”

In recent fatal shootings there were appeals to prayer after the Thousand Oaks shootings and the shootings in our own county recently. In all the circumstances described, the individuals experienced a feeling of helplessness. In y visits to dying or very sick people, a common denominator is an appeal for prayer.

I offer you all this perspective as we approach our secular feast of Thanksgiving. I hope that one of the things we are thankful for is the ever-present outstretched hand of God, asking for us to invite Him into our lives. An even better thought is that our God does not remember the times we have rejected Him or placed false gods before Him when we ask for help. He rejoices that we have asked and realized that he will help if asked.

This does not mean that those victims who died did not ask for God’s help. I believe that they will be cared for and loved in God’s great providence. What I am asking is that we try and develop our relationship with God before we feel helpless and experience the joy of living in that love during the best and worst days of our live

                                                                                           Fr. Mike